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Alicia Wright Dekker is a 2013 Pushcart Prize nominee. Her short stories and micro fiction can be found in The Quotable, The Treehouse: A Magazine of Possibilities, and Barely South Review among others. Alicia has a degree in drama from Syracuse University. She also studied at LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) and was an intern at The Gate Theatre, in London, England. She can usually be found in one of Norfolk’s many coffeehouses—but that's another story.

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41 years old
About Me

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Allie Elizabeth
36 years old
About Me

34 years old

Amelia Goodyear
41 years old
About Me

Recently moved to the HR area from Minneapolis.  Already excited for November!

35 years old
About Me

Amy Kay
36 years old
About Me

I am almost twenty four, an author in progress, addicted to fudgesickles and my boyfriend, and can waste hours on facebook.  What about you?

Amy McGrath
55 years old
About Me

Originally from western NC, I recently remarried and have relocated to my husband's home in Norfolk. I'm a 19 year veteran math teacher who has walked away from the classroom to pursue more creative avenues. I have attempted NaNoWriMo for the past 3 years and have gotten about halfway through the 50K for the past two years before letting life get in the way. I'm excited about getting it DONE this year!

Anais West
41 years old

Ann M.

About Me



38 years old
About Me

Camille R
About Me

I'm a wife to a Navy Sailor, lived in Wisconsin all my years until 2010 when we got married. I'm expecting a baby boy in December (I'm going to be a mom??), and taking college classes at TNCC. 

Of course, I love writing. If I didn't have to be responsible I'd write for hours daily like I used to in my "single" years. I lean towards Medieval Fantasy for genres to read and to write, but it's always healthy to keep broadening a writer's horizons.

Chris DeBoe
59 years old
About Me

38 years old
About Me

When D. F. Krieger was banned from writing contests at her school, she immediately set it in her head that she would become a professional writer. Since then, she has thrown away her plans of world domination through books, but she still enjoys writing. Her tastes run from classy urban witches to dragons, space pirates to shape shifters. By the time she pens her final book with a hand ravaged by age, she hopes to introduce her readers to many alternate worlds, lines of thinking, and captivating characters.

You can find D. F. on the East Coast, hiding away from the real world with a gleam in her eye and a plot in her head. She resides with her husband, kids, and pets; who all kindly put up with her random bouts of laughter (over things she can't explain) and journal collecting fetish.


David Grimes
33 years old

E. Mallory
About Me

Long-time writer but first time nano! Also long-time californian but recent virginian, thanks to hub's new job. :)

Elizabeth Henry
37 years old
About Me

I embrace all things paranromal and steamy.  I am new here and can't wait to meet all of my new wrimos!!!!

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